ul. Starościńska 1
tel. +48 (055) 647-09-17
tel. kom. + 48 601-655-008
fax: +48 (055) 272-26-99
e-mail: piwniczka@wp.pl
www: www.piwniczkamalbork.pl

We offer to organise receptions and events in the restaurant itself or in places commissioned by the customer. You are warmly welcome to visit our restaurant. Everybody who visits Malbork is kindly invited to Piwniczka Restaurant , which is located on the premises of Malbork Castle (the Middle Castle). The restaurant has been serving customers since 1997 and specialises in traditional Polish cuisine. We have 3 banquet halls for 110 guests altogether. In summer we have an outdoor garden restaurant at the entrance to our indoor halls. We whole-heartedly invite you to visit us every day from 10 a.m. till the last guest. We can guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere in this amazing medieval fortress. A meal within the walls of such a beautiful monument as Malbork Castle will make your visit to Malbork a memorable experience and you will always remember it not only as a trip along the route of the crusades, but also as the moments spent in a friendly atmosphere to the sound of crackling wood in the fireplace.