City of Malbork
Malbork: – a scenic city on the River Nogat, famous around the world for its gigantic Teutonic castle. Its breath-taking panorama draws tourists like a magnet and invites them to stay longer. The castle can be viewed at various times of the day and from various angles. Malbork was granted incorporation charter in 1286. The Town Hall in the Old Town, John the Baptist Church and a defensive wall complex with Garncarska Gate and Mariacka Gate were built south of the castle area. The medieval castle is evidently the city’s landmark, yet Malbork has much more to offer to tourists at all ages. A city of concerts, open-air performances, theatre plays and sport events. A colourful, rhythmically dancing fountains, street architecture elements and numerous restaurants. All this creates a unique atmosphere of the city that, until recently, has only been associated with its castle. In high season a colourful train irculates the city for the whole day. It connects all the possible places of interest: from a rope course, through dinosaur park, to castle miniature in 1:30 scale. The Street of Crocodiles, an atmospheric market, invites for a journey to the 1920s and 1930s. Castle visit is a must in Malbork. Who wouldn't want to take a photo with Great Masters of the Teutonic Order and see a modern amber exhibition? It’s not a miracle that each year the city is visited by half milion tourists from all over the world