Latin School
The building from 1352, erected by the Grand Master Winrich von Kniprode, located next to the Nogat river bank at the Old Town. In the second part of the 16th century the building became home to a school, known as the Latin School since 1603. It operated there until 1864, when it was moved to a new building at 17 Marca Street. Vacated building was designated for residential and warehousing purposes. The top two storeys were burned in 1899 in a fire which swept through the city. A year later the warehouse was rebuilt, only to be destroyed in 1945. In 2010 funds were obtained for its reconstruction, which started in 2011 in autumn. The building was commissioned in 2014 as Centrum Kultury i Edukacji Szkoła Łacińska (Latin School Culture and Education Centre). It is a part of the Malbork Culture and Education Centre. The building is home to an open-air ethnographic museum of early crafts, multimedia library, a multi-function room, astronomical observatory and planetarium.

Latin School
ul. Stare Miasto 42
tel/fax: +48 55 272 01 65