Tourist Information Center
Tourist Information Center:
The cheapest souvenirs with the Malbork town logo or views of the castle can be obtained at the Malbork Welcome Center, chich includes a small shop. Souvenir gifts, stickers, pens, rucksacks, glass and ceramic ware, pictures, books, graphics, cups and many other things can make an unforgettable present or reminder of your visit to Malbork. Apart from the numerous souvenirs, the shop also offers free informational and promotional materials such as brochures, maps and guides.
-tourist information centre open all year round
(Monday-to Friday, Monday to Sunday in the summer season)
- free promotional tourist materials, maps, etc.
- available shop with tourist souvenirs connected with Malbork and the region,
- one computers available to tourists (with constant Internet access)left luggage Office
- IT point suited to disabled sers

Tourist Information Centre in Malbork
ul. Kościuszki 54 (in the city centre)

+48 55 647 47 47
+48 55 647 14 31

Department of Promotion,
Tourist and International Cooperation
of the Malbork Town Hall

ul. Kościuszki 54
+48 55 647 14 30
+48 55 647 14 31