Guided tours of the castle and the town
An association of tourist guides is active in Malbork – Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association. Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association is an association of almost 200 guides. It's objective is to provide tourists visiting Malbork with the best, fully professional service. The services offered by the association include group and individual tours of the Malbork Castle Museum complex, the town of Malbork, the Żuławy region, the Provence of Pomerania and the region of Elbląg. These services are available to Polish and foreign tourists in the following languages: German, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Spain, sign language.

An association of tourist guides in Malbork
ul. Starościńska 1
tel. +48 55 272 08 80
tel. +48 55 647 09 37